Moto G: A mobile with great features and exceptional price


If you are still waiting for a mobile with best price, you need to have patience for some more days. Motorola is going to give you a mobile which values your money. January 2014 will start with Moto G. This mobile is not as amazing as iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4, but in comparison to price Moto G is amazing. Moto G will be launched with Android 4.3 (Jellybean) in January 2014, but Motorola has assured that it can be upgraded to Android 4.4 (Kitkat). So, you don’t need to worry as Moto G is coming with guaranteed upgradation to the latest version of Android OS (Kitkat). With Moto G, you can listen to your favorite songs and surf internet for a longer duration with its lithium-ion, 2070 mAh battery.

Girl Using Moto GNow, you must be thinking about the cost of this mobile. This mobile will cost you $179 only. This doesn’t seem to be a fancy price for a phone with the latest version of operating system and 4.5” HD display. As far as performance it concerned, you will know yourself once you know about its features. Performance will rock with 1.2GHz Quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. This device will have enough space to store your files. You can choose either 8GB or 16GB. They have not clarified the rate for both, but there will not be any card slot. Hopefully, you will have to pay little more for 16GB. Though, Motorola is going to give you free storage of 50GB on Google drive for 2 years with the purchase of each Moto G mobile. For the protection of the display it has Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Moto G picAs far as network is concerned, you will have the option to choose either CDMA or GSM model, and this device will work with both 2G and 3G network. Moto G can give you the speed up to 21 Mbps under 3G coverage which is enough for internet surfing, and you can also use this device as WiFi hotspot and connect other devices to your mobile and surf internet. This mobile is rich in connectivity as it has everything for better connectivity, like Bluetooth Version 4.0, micro USB, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), 3.5 jack, even GPS.

Now, let me tell you about its camera. Moto G has been featured with 5MP primary and 1.3MP front camera. You can capture your memorable moment with 4X Digital Zoom, and there is panorama mode as well to capture a larger picture in one shot. 1.3MP front camera can make your friends feel good when you make video calls, because they will get better video quality.

Moto G videoWe talked enough about technical specification. Now, let’s know about the beauty. A good mobile should look good, shouldn’t it? They are launching Moto G only in black color. They might think about white or any different color later, but I don’t think this is required, because you will have the options to make it colorful with amazing colorful covers. You can choose a color what suits your personality. Have a look at the below picture. It looks amazing, isn’t it?

Moto-GHowever, Motorola is not doing as much good as other major mobile companies are, but it seems Motorola is trying to make a good impression now. Customers don’t have relation with any company, and we always go for that company who offers the best at cheaper price. Well, once Moto G is launched, everything can be confirmed.

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