Monitor Your Kids Activity with Kidgy parental control app

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The Internet has brought good as well as bad things to our lives. Now children can access educational material from their computer as well as mobile devices and learn in a fun way. However, the can also access the worst content and get addicted to them. These days we provide mobile phones to children that makes it even worst. So we must monitor our children activity what they do when they go online. But, the question is how do we do that? Let’s learn about it.

To monitor your kids’ activity on a Smartphone that you have given to your children isn’t very tough. All you have to do is, install an application with activity monitoring or parental control feature. Let me introduce Kidgy Parental Control app that makes it easier for you to monitor your kids’ activity.


What can you do with Kidgy Parental Control App

  • Locate your Kids GPS location

Does it make you worry where your children are? Kidgy Parental Control can tell the GPS location of your kid anytime you want. So you will always know wherever you kids go. You can even set dangerous zones and safe zones to receive notification if your children reach a place where they shouldn’t. For example, there is a place or a room at your home where you don’t want your children to go, just set it up within the app to get notified if your kid goes there.

  • Manage online activity and set app usage limit[

The app comes with the features to block adult, hate, crime, or other harmful websites. You can get to know the installed apps on the device. You will also be able to block unwanted apps that you don’t want them to use or set the usage limit, so they don’t use too much and get addicted to them.

  •  Monitor Calls and Text Messages

Now you will not have to ask your children to give their phone to see the call history or read text messages. You can always view them on your phone with time stamps, and even those ones that your children have deleted after receiving them. You can also block unwanted numbers.

  • Set Daily Tasks for Children

The Daily Planner feature within the app allows you set up a schedule or daily tasks for children and receive notification once they are done.

Kidgy application is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app comes with the user-friendly interface, so it is easy to set up the parent/kid profile. You can set things according to your need and start monitoring your children. The app is free to download and if you like it, you can use the in-app purchase option within the app to upgrade it. Let’s keep an eye on your children’s activity and keep them away from those habits that are not good for them.

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