Moff, a ‘wearable’ for children

Any wristband that emits sounds based on the movements that detects through your wrist? Yes, it is called a wearable Moff and invading the world of games and children to blow up their imagination even more.

moffImagine you are playing at being a samurai and movement that make your hands accompanies a representative sound , or maybe you’re trying to make a hole on a golf course or why not playing a guitar with broom house, all these games and many more can now be enlivened with real sounds. Thanks to Moff, a smart bracelet connected to your smartphone iOS, iPhone, (currently do not have an Android version available, but its leaders say they will launch soon ) Bluetooth 4.0 offers great sound effects to accompany your movements.

To make this possible, the bracelet integrates accelerometers and gyroscopes and detects movements what children make to translate them into sounds via an app. The device, tailored to the needs of the smaller design is coated with soft silicone childproof and safe use is guaranteed.

Its creators, from the Japanese company Kawaii, have launched a campaign on Kickstarter to get funding and make the dream of many children come true. Currently lead raised $ 12,808 of the $ 20,000 they want to achieve , and they still have 29 days mission.

Along with the bracelet, Moff creators have also thought about offering a development kit or SDK for anyone who tries to make the most animates the device and develop new features and possibilities. Also, there is talk of an app store to market these apps.

The first hundred users who subscribe to become a Moff, can purchase one for $ 39 , while the next 100 will have to pay $ 45, the final product and the final price will be $ 49.

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