Microsoft’s HyperLapse turns boring and shaky video into short time lapse in Android and Windows


Microsoft launched an app to record video that actually makes your bumpy and shaky video interesting. You must be aware of a camera featured called “Time Lapse.” Time Lapse makes a longer video shorter increasing the speed of it. Time Lapse feature comes handy in iPhone 6, and there are also apps that comes with such feature. How Microsoft’s HyperLapse is different from other apps?

If you are riding bike or skating and at the same time you want to stick your camera with you and record the video, the video could be long enough and it will be shaky because you will keep moving. When you use Microsoft HyperLapse to record video in such situation, it will turn that shaky video into smooth time lapse video. By the way who wants to watch a 1 hour, 2 hours or longer video juts to watch your activity as long as you are not a celebrity. Hahaha!

As for now Microsoft’s HyperLapse is available for Windows and Android users. Microsoft has not given any indication whether it will be available for iOS or not. It seems Microsoft is targeting more users, and we know that Android covers the most the smartphone market. Microsoft’s HyperLapse also has a pro version, but only for Windows PC that has been made available as demo that will leave footprint in your video.

HyperLapse for iOS: Well, iOS users already have Time Lapse feature in camera as said earlier, but if you want something more, you can try “HyperLapse From Instagram,” that does similar work, but Microsoft’s HyperLapse does something more and better.

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