Microsoft Surface Pro 3: A tablet that can replace your computer

Microsoft introduced a new generation of professional tablet Surface Pro 3. This tablet debuts a new size of 12 inches with a resolution above the numerous features Full HD and trying to bring it to the operation of a laptop. The U.S. company has managed to maintain a very demure weight of 800 grams and a thickness of 9.1 millimeters. All with the same tough magnesium alloy design of previous releases and the option to integrate with Intel Core i7 processors. We will tell you all the details on this market oriented professional gadget.

Display and Design

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is particularly remarkable for the premiere of a new format with 12 inches, close to what we saw in Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. This is a more appropriate size to use productivity applications, although many users may find it too big for a tablet. Of course, users who bet on this are in for a good bill and screen brightness, resolution above Full HD 2,160 x 1,440 pixels. Regarding the design, weight loss has been achieved to count this gadget with a weight of 800 grams and a thickness of 9.1 millimeters. These figures are somewhat higher than those found in Note Pro, but keep in mind that the tablet Microsoft also includes an Intel Core processor (with all that entails). Its magnesium alloy body is amazing, a material what makes it stronger as well as elegant.

In addition, one of the key points when using this tablet is its rear flange. Microsoft has worked to make this tab more flexible and can place it in different positions stably. This change is particularly useful to use the tablet in lap (one of the least developed points in the previous models). We also have a new position which leaves the tablet on a slightly inclined surface that is more comfortable when writing with the stylus.

Processor and memory

In the field of power, this device integrates different configurations of processors Intel Core fourth generation (Intel Hasswell). These chips can be i3, i5 or i7. The output configuration is committed to a chip Intel Core i5-4300U dual core with a processor of 1.6 GHz, thanks to the Turbo Boost technology can achieve a maximum power of up to 2.9 GHz at times where we need higher performance.

In addition, these processors are attached to a RAM that can be 4 GB or 8 GB. In either case, we have a very powerful set for a tablet that will allow us to run most applications Windows with good fluidity. The storage of Surface Pro 3 also comes in various configurations. The standard configuration stays in the 64 GB , but can reach up to 512 GB.

Keyboard and Stylus

Two key accessories for Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Firstly, the Stylus comes integrated with the computer itself. We can write, select content on the screen or perform various advanced features. One that has caught our attention during the presentation of the gadget is the ability to tighten the upper pen button while we are taking a photograph and create a quick note with the image in OneNote.

The other accessories that almost becomes a necessary addition is the keyboard. The company has had to expand the size of it, and it has improved the accuracy and enhanced the size of the trackpad to make it more easy to use. In addition, new keyboards have a greater ability to grip to the tablet from slipping when we place on a less stable surface, such as in our lap.

surface_pro_3_in lap


Another aspect that surprised us is its photographic section. The company has introduced two cameras (one rear and one front) with the same resolution of 5-megapixel. In our view, it is a wise decision. In this type of large format tablet almost always becomes more important to have a powerful front camera capable of dealing with the use of video conferencing and popular selfies while performing usual photographs.

Operating System and Applications

The operating system of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is Windows 8.1. The latest update of Windows includes several features that can enhance the productivity of this platform. For example, using a mouse to move between apps we find the taskbar at the bottom (with shortcuts to all open Windows apps) and several buttons to minimize or close an application on top. Undoubtedly, it is much valued changes. In addition, we also found one button to turn off the computer directly from the home screen of Windows without giving any rodeo. Users who purchase this equipment can enjoy almost all the vast desktop applications already worked with Windows 7, a very important role in introducing this device as this is a good advantage for users already using Windows OS. On the other hand, Microsoft has its own app store that is more oriented to the use of the touch screen. Although the quality is not yet comparable with Android or the Apple app store.

surface pro 3

Autonomy, prices and reviews

The autonomy that achieves Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is up to nine hours of surfing with the tablet using a real-time figure may go about five to six hours. Given the power of this device, it is a very high endurance. As far as price is concerned Microsoft Surface Pro 3 wound cost around 1100 USD (800 Euros). In short, the Surface Pro 3 is a machine that can attract mobile professionals/users who want to enjoy a tablet with laptop features. The 12-inch display size puts it in a more convenient format for productivity applications, and has managed to maintain a light weight for easy portability. Furthermore, they have continued polishing defects such as lack of stability in certain positions or inflexibility of the rear flange.

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