Meizu MX5 Guangzhou Evergrande limited edition

Meizu MX5 Guangzhou Evergrande limited edition

Meizu has launched Guangzhou Evergrande limited edition in China. Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao F.C. is a Chinese football team, and Meizu has done partnership with them to use their logo at the back of Meizu MX5 limited edition.

What is special with Meizu MX5 Guangzhou Evergrande limited edition?

This limited edition has the logo of Guangzhou Evergrande football team at the back, and comes  in Gold color. It runs on customized OS that gives special touch to make you feel that you are using Guangzhou Evergrande limited edition Meizu MX5. It comes in a complete different packaging, it’s all red. You also get a Guangzhou Evergrande red color Jersey. However, this is the most expensive Meizu MX5 model. It costs 2699 Chinese Yuan ( $ 424), but you get 32GB ROM version.

Meizu MX5 Guangzhou Evergrande limited edition red color

There are two more models of Meizu MX5 Guangzhou Evergrande limited edition, but these two models don’t come with the logo of Guangzhou Evergrande football team. However, you get Guangzhou Evergrande scarf or Meizu EP-21HD earpiece. The one with 16 GB ROM costs 1999 Chinese Yuan ($ 314) and the other with 32 GB has a price tag of 2199 Chinese Yuan ( $346). These two models are available in gold color as well.

These special edition model can be ordered from Meizu’s official site. Meizu MX5 regular models costs 1799 Chinese ($ 283) Yuan for 16 GB version and 1999 ($ 314) Chinese Yuan for 32 GB

Meizu MX5 with Guangzhou Evergrande football team logo

Rest of the technical specifications of Meizu MX5 remain the same, like 5.5 inches Full HD display, 3GB RAM, Mediatek Helio X10 chipset, Finger Print Sensor, 20.7-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front camera, faster charging, 3150 mAh battery etc..

So what do think guys? Will you pay some extra money for Meizu MX5 Guangzhou Evergrande limited edition?

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