Meet the World’s Thinnest Laptop : HP Spectre

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When someone asks about a slim laptop, the first thing in our mind comes is “MacBook 12-inch.” However, HP is ready to beat Apple with an amazing design and slim model. HP has announced HP Spectre that is the world’s thinnest laptop so far.

HP Spectre is just 10.4 mm thick, and weighs 2.45 pounds. It makes the laptop 2.7 slimmer than MacBook 12-inch model, and MacBook Air is even more thicker. However, MacBook 12-inch weighs 2.03 pounds compared to 2.45 pounds in case of HP Spectre, but it comes with large display and some additional protection that MacBook lacks.

HP Spectre features a 13-inch display that comes with edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass Protection, backlit keyboard and glass trackpad. Copper color and artfully-crafted piston hinge folds flush gives it nearly hingeless look when the laptop is closed.

In terms of power, HP Spectre features Intel Core i processor with the cutting-edge hyperbaric cooling system. The laptop will be sold with Intel Core i5 and Core i7 6th generation Processor. HP claims that this laptop will not have overheating issue because of the dynamic power settings that adjusts the workload and keeps the system cool, and its hyperbaric cooling system doesn’t only vent the hit out of machine, but also draws cool air from outside and sends it to the machine.

HP Spectre will be sold with preinstalled Windows 10 Operating System, 8GB RAM, USB Type-C Port, up to 512 GB PCIe based SSD Storage etc.. Its 13-inch display features 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and supports ultra-wide viewing angles, and comes with HP Audio Boost for better sound quality. In terms of battery life, it can run up to 9 hours on battery, but it also depends on your usage.

HP has not revealed the full pricing information, but the most basic version of HP Spectre will sold for $1169.99. If you are interested, You can provide the detail on HP Website to get notified when Laptop is available to be purchased.

The only thing that MacBook users won’t like is the OS. The design is fine, but Windows OS will still make it slower over time. This is where rest of the Laptop manufacturer fails to beat Apple.

Here are some images of HP Spectre if you want to see the design