Meet the gadget that recharges the battery of your Smartphone with water

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battery of your smartphone with water

A startup in Munich, Germany, has created a new device used as a portable charger for your Smartphone from hydroelectricity. Blue Freedom acts as a mini turbine, turning on the power of water giving a boost not only your phone but the battery too. “There is a need for independent power for small appliances,” explains co-creator Metro Blue Freedom Benedikt Schroeder.

This creation of Blue Freedom is going to inspired you

The idea came into mind when a friend of mine asked me if aqua [N. T: your first project] could build a source of hydroelectric power for hikers. Our experiences with people around the world who have no access to an electricity grid led us to initiate a series of tests. Other discussions with NGOs confirmed this urgent need. So we decided to develop Blue Freedom.

How it works

The user places the rotor gadget in a river or a stream. The rotor is connected through a shaft to the generator housing and drives transmission. Immediately after the start of the rotation, the generator generates electricity and charges the internal battery, or an already connected appliance. Using two USB ports built into almost all electrical appliances such as Smartphone or digital cameras appliances can be loaded. The internal batteries also provide the integrated by up to six hours LED lamp.

How long does it take to charge a mobile phone?

Depending on the speed of water flow, you can charge a phone within an hour. We know that everyone doesn’t live near fast flowing rivers; however Blue Freedom can be used even in the smallest water flows at a rate of 0.5 meters per second. At the moment we are testing a new technology generator that can generate up to 8 watts. Currently Blue Freedom for 5 watts of power.

Do you think this is an easy and convenient way to charge a mobile phone?

Hydroelectricity is a fantastic way to be self-regulating. The energy of the flowing waters is usually available until 8000 hours per year, far more than the wind (approx. 200 thousand hours a year) and solar (about a thousand hours a year). Hydropower is the most proven and oldest technology in the world to produce energy and can be used by all.

Why Blue Freedom is important?

Our vision is a world in which everyone produces renewable energy in a sustainable manner. There is a need for independent power for small appliances. For this reason, we have built this plant miniature hydropower to generate renewable energy and the construction of a system of decentralized energy supply suitable anywhere in the world. Blue Freedom is our contribution to encourage humanity to produce energy in an environmentally and economically responsible, preserving biodiversity of nature.

Can water have negative effects on your device?

No! Blue Freedom does not harm your device, even can’t destroy the environment, or emit any pollutants. Water only brings part of the available energy.

What is the future of this project?

Blue Freedom is becoming a global project. We are succeeded to make a successful crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter, and we are working on further development. Very soon we will be able to provide a wind turbine built very efficient. Many discussions with our fans motivate us to integrate innovation.