Marvel contest of champions winning tips

Update: Marvel of Contest of champions Hack

Marvel contest of champions winning tips

Before go on to discuss the tips, let me ask you if you have found any cheat code or hacking tips that really works? Look for the cheat code in Google, and you will have millions of results, but none of them are real. Those are just tricks to get visitors who clicks on their ads or complete the survey. So get over it, and stop wasting more time.

First thing you need to understand is, you need to be as quick as you can. If your hands move slower, then you will lose and lose and lose…..

Do participate in Viruses Quiz that gives you a chance to win a powerful hero or at least you will win units, gold and battle chips that can be used to upgrade your champions which is very important.

When you start the game, save the units. You get offers time to time, and you also get the offer to buy 3 star or 4 star champions that is possible only by units or real cash. So never spend it for a one star or 2 star champion.

When you can’t clear a lever, go back to those level what you have cleared and always try to replay those level what gives you more crystal. This way you can upgrade your champions and then clear the lever.

If you are trying to get a 4 star or 3 star champion using battle chips, get over. You can’t get it, you will never be that lucky.

If you are trying for 4 star champion spending 100 units to get a crystal, then don’t waste it. That crystal can give you a 3 star crystal once after you try so many times, but will never give you a 4 star champion.

Don’t spend so much crystal on a 1 star or 2 star champion, because those champions are useless after a couple of levels. For example, if you have a one star champion and 2 champions are 2 star and 2 are 1 star, try upgrading 3 star champion, and avoid 1 star and 2 star.

All you need is to be as fast as you could, save units and wait for their offer. Once you get the offer for a 3 star or 4 star champion get it.

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