Manga Panda offers to read free manga online

What is Manga?

Manga is Japanese style of comic book that is prepared for children as well as adult. Some manga could not be appropriate for children even they have cartoon characters in it. It could be in Japanese, English or any other language. You can also find many translated Mangas on the web.

There are many websites where you can read Manga online, but today we are here with the best website where you can enjoy unlimited number of Mangas for free.

Manga Panda

If you enjoy reading Manga online, you probably know about this website. MangaPanda.Com gets over 18 million hits every month due to large collection of mangas available on their website.

Manga Panda Read Manga Online Free

How to use Manga Panda Website to read Manga Online for free

  • Visit Manga Panda using computer, Smartphone or Tablet
  • You will get the list of all latest Mangas on home page that Manga Panda has recently added. You can click on any of them to read online
  • If you are looking for a specific Manga, type the name of the Manga in search field, and hit Enter or OK button to browse. If this Manga is available on Manga Panda, you will find it, else you will be served by similar results
  • There is also one “Surprise Me” button that located with the Search box. You can also click this option to find any random Manga. Every time you click on this option, it will find you a different Manga that you can read. Some of them may surprise you, and you will think why you didn’t read such a great Manga so far. That’s why they have named it as “Surprise me.”
  • There are some other options to browse. You can click on Manga List that will show the list of Mangas sorted in Alphabetical manner. Clicking on Popular Manga category will bring all the popular manga on the screen
  • Advanced Search Mode is the best option to customize your search result. You can select to browse manga in specific category, like Action, Adventure, Fantasy etc.. You can also select whether you want to browse ongoing Manga, completed manga or both. The search can be sorted in three manners; Alphabetical, Popularity and Similarity

Download Manga Mobile Android App (apk file)

If you have an Android Device, you don’t even need to go to Manga Panda Website. You can simply Download the Android App that is available as apk file, and install it on your device. This app cannot be found in Google Play Store, and you will have to enable “Allow App Installation from Unknown Source” Option on your Android Smartphone or Tablet to install the app.

Download the Manga Mobile apk file here for Android

Manga Mobile App

Once installed, you can launch the app, and enjoy reading Manga online for free. You must be connected to the internet to use this app. You will see the latest updated Mangas on the home page of the app. You can tap the menu option to find your favorite series or use the search option to browse, just you do on Manga Panda website. All the Mangas you select has three tabs; Detail, Chapters and Related. To get the list of full chapters, you can select the Chapters tab, and read the chapter you like.

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