How to Add Video and Music Files Wirelessly to VLC Player on iPhone

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VLC is one of the awesome free video and audio player that is loved by users around the world, whether you want to stream video with download link, or want to download YouTube Videos to iPhone, VLC is always there to help. There is one more very powerful feature that allows to manage Music and Videos files wirelessly. You can download those files available within VLC Player, and can also add files from your computer to VLC, and this all can be done without iTunes. Here is how it works;

How to Add Videos and Music Files to iPhone Wirelessly via VLC Player

  • Download VLC For Mobile if you still don’t have it installed. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Launch VLC App, and tap Menu (Small VLC icon on top left corner)
  • Enable Sharing via WiFi option

Transfer video music wirelessly to iPhone

  • Now you will See two URLs, one of them looks like IP Address, and the other Looks like a Website URL
  • Type any of the URL on your computer’s internet browser (If you are using the second one, don’t forget to type “https://” manually before the URL). Once you visit the URL, you will see VLC File manager page, that looks like a web page
  • All the Music and Video files will be available here that you can download to your Computer

Download iPhone Videos and Videos to Computer

  • Now you can drag and drop any video and music file within Drop File section on the screen. Uploading may take little time depending on the file size
  • Once file is uploaded it will appear on your iPhone instantly. If you don’t see it, tap the Menu icon, and select All Files option
  • The VLC file sharing Window on computer will not show any uploaded file unless you refresh the page

The only think, VLC misses in the iOS devices is the synching from stock apps. VLC can’t show video or music files available in Stock Apps, like Videos, Photos or Music. However, it is not a bad app overall, due to file managing and YouTube videos Downloading feature. It also supports almost all the video and audio formats.