Make Your Photos Awesome With Google Auto-Awesome

Google Auto-awesome

Google Plus is already doing a good job and has added many features, like video chat, communities, pages etc. You can create a page of your business, website or blog and can promote them.  Apart from this, the thing what I like the most is the Google Auto-Awesome Photos. The pictures you add in Google Plus, Google makes it better automatically. So, it’s called Auto-Awesome. This made me to set an auto backup for all the photos I capture from my mobile.

I get these advantages:

  • My photos are always safe in case my mobile is lost or its storage gets corrupt.
  • Photos get amazing effects.
  • It’s always up to you if you want to share your photos in public or with selected people or you just want to keep it for yourself

Google has made this photo mixing 5 or more photos. I clicked continues shot one by one, later I got a notification on mobile that your auto-awesome photo is ready. Have a look at this photo what auto-awesome did. I love this animated photo of niece and nephew.

Two children There is another what I am going to share. I captures three photos and auto-awesome framed it together.

my niece and nephewCheck this photo of my friend what I clicked during Christmas, and auto-awesome made it to fall snow.

vicky piterNow, this one what I am going to share was not clicked by me, but one of my friend sent it to me on WhatsApp, and I just captured the screenshot with my mobile, and because of auto backup it went to Google plus and auto-awesome added twinkling effect to it.


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