Safari Showing Text as Boxed Question Mark – Fixed

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Recently I just came across an error that some websites (especially Google and Gmail) started showing Boxed Question Mark. This issue occurred only while visiting those sites using Safari Internet Browser on Mac. It’s not just about displaying text/font, but when I typed it also appeared as boxes with the question mark inside. Here is how it looked like.

boxed question mark fun

Now let’s see how this issue is fixed.

How to solve the issue with Mac’s Safari when Website Texts Appears as Boxes with Question Mark Inside?

  • Open Font Book App (press Command+Spacebar on Mac or macOS and type Font Book. Press Enter to open the app.
  • Addition Step if you want to backup your Font: While Font Book is opened, click All Fonts option, click on a font, and press Command+A key to select all fonts, then click the File option in Menubar and select Export Fonts, just follow the screen prompts to save.
Export Font
  • Now click on the File Option and Restore Standard Fonts option the font to fix the issue
restore font
  • You will now receive a prompt with a warning that all non-standard fonts will be removed. Since we already mentioned above how to back up fonts you can safely click Proceed if the Font Back-Up is taken (only if needed).

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