LucidChart for Windows, Mac & Linux : MS Visio Alternative

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LucidChart on Mac

Microsoft Visio is a powerful tool that allows multiple users to work on a visual document online. However, if you have just switched from Windows to Mac or Linux platform, you may get worried what you would do now. Visio is available for Windows Platform only, and there is nothing you can do except looking for its alternative. Microsoft could make Visio available for other platform, and this would have increased their revenue as well as number of users. Well, let’s come to the point.

If you are Mac or Linux user now, and miss MS Visio, there is one perfect solution, and that’s “LucidChart.” Lucid chart is available for all Platform so you don’t need to get worried what computer your co-worker has got. It works on Windows, Mac as well as Linux.

LucidChart supports almost everything, from basic flowcharts to creative network diagrams and website mockups. If you are worried about your existing files that you created with Microsoft Visio, there is nothing to repent. You can import your old Visio files to LucidChart, and work on it like you did on Visio.

Lucid Chart Network Diagram

LucidChart allows Sharing, chatting, and real-time collaborating without any additional products. As everything is done online, you don’t need to download any special app for this. It has been built on HTML5 and Web standards, and all your files are in the cloud, so it can be accessed from any internet enabled device on browser, whether you are using, MacBook, iMac or even iPad. You need to download the free app from the app store incase you want to use on iPad. It also supports Visio import and export including Visio stencils.

It’s a visual communications that allows to sketch and share document in real time, and it doesn’t matter where your co-worker lives. LucidChart come with hundreds of pre-added templates to help you make your document look professional, so you can simply drag and drop to build flowcharts, network diagrams, wireframes, process maps and so on… Whether you belong to an Engineering, IT or Business filed, you will find it very efficient to work together with you colleagues.


Single User Account

A single user can Try Lucid chat Basic as well Pro for a limited time for free, or just be free Lite user without providing any Payment detail. A free account comes with many limitation. A Free user can’t edit any document with 60 or more objects. So if you made a document during free trial, you won’t be able to edit after trial expires and your don’t subscribe to a paid subscription. After Free trial, LucidChart basic user gets charged $5.95 each month, and a Pro users is charged $9.95 each month. However, you can pay for whole year in one go to save some money. Yearly subscription costs $59.40 each year for Basic account and $107.40 for Pro account.

Team Account

You can subscribe to the plan based on the number of workers going to collaborate in the work. The most basic team account includes a team with 5 members, and it costs $30 each month or $240 each year. Depending of number of users price increases.

You can visit LucidChart Website to get the more information on their product and website. Don’t forget to use their free trial before you pay. It will help you to decide whether it meets your need or not.