How to Logout of Game Center or Stop Notifications

How to logout of Game Center

Whether it’s an iPhone or Mac, you do have Game Center on your device. It keeps sending notifications, game invites and much more. It could be frustrating for many users, but you can manage game notifications. If you want to be out completely, you can logout from the Game Center, and login back whenever you wish. So let’s learn.

Before you head over to logout from Game Center, please understand that many games require you to be logged in, else you won’t be able to play. In such cases you can just stop invitation or manage notification, and keep playing your favorite games.

How to Logout of Game Center on iPhone or any iOS devices, or Manage Invites and Notifications

Game Center iOS

  • Go to your iPhone’s or iPad’s Settings
  • Tap on Game Center
  • Tap on your Apple ID, and you will get the option “Sign Out.” That’s it, you will not receive any notifications or information from Game Center after you Sing Out

If you don’t want to logout, follow these steps

  • Under Settings –> Game Center, there are some more options that you can disable
  • Disable Allow Invites if you don’t want to receive any game related invitation
  • Disable Nearby Players to stop notification and invitation from nearby players
  • Disabling Contacts and FaceBook will help to stop personalized friends recommendation
  • Now head over to your iPhone’s Settings –> Notifications –> Game Center
  • You can Disable All Notifications to stop it completely, or can manage them disabling Sound, Showing in Notification Center, Showing in Lock Scree etc. You can also select to receive notifications from your contacts only

iOS Game Center Notification

How to logout of Game Center on Mac and Stop/Manager Notification

Steps to logout from Game Center on Mac

  • Launch Game Center App (Located under Apps), or Press Command+Space to bring Spotlight search, and Type Game Center, hit Enter key to Open
  • Once Game Center is launched, click on Accounts, and click Sign Out

Game Center Mac

Steps to Manage/Stop Notifications

  • Launch System Preferences (find it the same way you found Game Center if facing trouble to locate)
  • Click on Notifications, and Select Game Center
  • Now you get these four options, and you can turn off (uncheck) all or any of theme you like; (1) Show Notifications on lock screen (2) Show in Notification Center (3) Badge app icon (4) Play Sound for Notification
  • If you don’t want to turn off, you can select the way how Notifications from Game Center should appear

How to Sign in Game Center on iOS and Mac

You can login again whenever you wish following these Steps

iOS Users

  • Settings –> Game Center, and login with your Apple ID and Password. Enable/Disable notifications the way we just told

Mac OS X Users

  • Launch Game Center App, click on Account and then Sign in, enable/disable notifications from System Preferences –> Notifications –> Game Center
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