Listen to your favorite music with Sony Wireless Speaker

If you are a music lover and love listening to your favorite music loud and clear, you will love Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speaker SRS-BTX300. This speaker is available in two colors: Black and White. I am little nasty kind of person, and can’t take care of my stuffs much, because of this white color always looks worst after a couple of months, So I got the black one. This speaker weighs around 1.6KG, and it’s just 341mmX115mmX58.5mm as far as width, height and depth is concerned, so you can carry it anywhere easily. You can go for camping with this 20watts speaker and connect with your mobile, tablet or computer via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite songs and make your camping/trip entertaining.

Sony Wireless bluetooth speaker

This speaker has strong built-in battery which lasts longer. If you check on Sony website, you will find that they claim it can give you the playback of around 8-hours after full charge, but it varies depending upon many things. To be honest with you, the battery lasts around 6-hours which is not bad. There is one good feature that it has a USB port for charging your mobiles and tablets. Six hours of long back up is enough to charge a smartphone or tablet completely even some phones can be charged twice in six hours. So you can charge your mobile anywhere when you have this speaker with you. This is really useful for camping and picnic. On the one hand you can enjoy music, you can charge your mobile on the other.

Sony Wireless speaker srs BTX-300

As far as sound quality is concerned, it’s fair enough. You can select audio modes as it has selectable audio emphasis: Mega Bass and Sound Field Expansion effect. You can also use this speaker as speakerphone for your phone as it has a built-in microphone as well, so you don’t miss an important call while you are playing songs as the wireless speaker will start ringing, and 3.5mm stereo minijack “audio in” is available as well. Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speaker SRS-BTX300 is rich in connectivity. This speaker can be synced with any Bluetooth device without NFC. If you have an NFC enabled phone it’s easier and faster to connect, and you can play music with one touch. You might need to install “Sony NFC Easy Connect App” at the start, but once it’s installed, it’s better than Bluetooth. Supported profiles are: HSP, A2DP, HFP, AVRCP. This speaker has the price tag of $129.99 on Sony Store (website), and $128.00 on Amazon. They both provide free shipping once you pay for the speaker.

Speaker phone and volume controller

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