Lenovo becomes the third player in the mobile world

Lenovo has become the third largest mobile phone manufacturer worldwide; Now Lenovo comes after Apple and Samsung. In addition, the company has achieved a 38 percent growth in the last year due to its expansion into China and other emerging markets.

This news was released after Lenovo announced the results for its second fiscal quarter. Its revenue reached $10.5 billion, a seven percent more than the same quarter last year. This benefits the company and it has achieved $262 million, implying a growth of 19 percent over the same period last year.

The Chinese company notes that these results were due to the successful implementation of its strategy, which enabled it to reach a record of 35.6 million sales of its devices including Smartphone, computers and tablets. Another important fact is that the multinational has become the largest manufacturer of PCs and tablets, with a market share of 14.1 percent worldwide. These results have been possible due to the sales of three million tablets and the strong performance of the PC market. In fact, for the sixth consecutive quarter, the corporation is the largest supplier in the world in this sector.

Lenovo has achieved another quarter of excellent market share in this regard. They told more by extending their words that “they have reached nearly 20 percent stake in PC market for the first time, and Lenovo is number one in the market for PC + tablet. Lenovo said that they set this goal to be achieved in two years what they have achieved in just two quarters.

Lenovo is enhancing its staggered foray into new sectors. In fact, in recent months it has made ​​two major acquisitions worth billions of dollars. One of them was servers IBM x86. The multinational has taken control of servers and switches System x, BladeCenter and System Flex, integrated systems based onx86 Flex, and servers, also associated software NeXtScale and iDataPlex. Moreover, the multinational has also bought Motorola mobile unit. It incorporates the signature lines of Smartphone Moto X Moto G, Moto DROID Series E and, as already mentioned, the company ranks the third largest maker of Smartphone in the world.

“In the last month, we successfully closed our acquisition of Motorola Mobility and IBM x86. With these two agreements, we are now the third manufacturer in both businesses, but we are not satisfied. We will repeat our success on PC and will move ahead to the first two. Mobility and Enterprise are now our new goals, like the PC, also will become our source of profit “has added the CEO.

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