Learn to Write ‘Magnetic Headlines’ of your content


Nothing helps a website or blog more than quality content (text). However what makes content “superior content” is a sturdy, mesmerizing and gripping headline or title. You must have seen it many times that you usually judge a book or a magazine by its cover. This is because titles are so captivating that they prompt people to buy a book without actually assessing how good the material is inside. So, you can easily judge what wonders a carefully-written headline can do.

Before you start writing one, try to go through some leading magazines and newspapers, and assess what grabs your attention the most about particular news or an article. In most of the cases, you will get attracted to a title that offers some interesting, meaningful info.

How to Write Magnetic Headlines

Follow these directions

1- Summarize your point

Create title of your article or a post after you have finished writing it. It will help you summarize the whole thing and write the best information for readers. Suppose, you have written an article about buying online books at affordable prices. This can help you summarize this article in a few words. You can mention the benefits in the headline or title to prompt the readers to take action, i.e. buy online books at places and prices you have mentioned.

2- Keep it brief

Brevity is good. Create a headline in few words. Long sentences are usually frowned upon. And when it comes to online publication, readers become more averse to reading big sentences. Many webmasters and writes insert phrases in the text rather than sentences. This is not recommended, do not forget the verb.

3- Spelling and grammar

These are cardinal sins in headlines and titles. Whether you are sure of your spelling or not, ask someone else to check as it is very easy to miss typographical errors. There are certain words that are misspelled most often, even by native English writers. For instance, “than” is often confused with “then.” Words like affect and effect also should not be confused with each other. So keep an eye skinned for spelling and grammar.  Make sure that you not fallen into these traps, or it will turn off the readers.

4- Mention benefits

Try to mention benefits in the title of your article or a post. You cannot write all details, but offer one good benefit in the headline to keep the readers engaged.

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