Labeley: Free Online Custom Label Creator

Stan Avery, the inventor of self-sticking labels, did many of us a huge favor. Though people don’t commonly think about them, these little pieces of paper (or some other label stock) are much appreciated in many situations. For example, sending kids off to camp is unthinkable without labeling their belongings, because otherwise many of those belongings will not return home. How about shopping for groceries in bulk and storing them in the freezer? If you don’t label your freezer bags with food, it becomes difficult keeping track of what’s what and how long those groceries have been in the freezer. Or, can you imagine home-brewed beer without appropriate custom labels on beer bottles?

Labeling items is an organizational must, and luckily for organized people, there’s an online tool that creates all kinds of stickers for free. Labeley is great because its sleek design features allow users to be creative and come up with exactly the label they need:

  • unique beverage labels for a party;
  • serious-looking label for a small business product,
  • hard-to-miss labels for organizational purposes,
  • cute labels for children’s school supplies, etc.

Best of all, Labeley is really easy to use. No design skills are required whatsoever. Just follow these guidelines and you’ll quickly become an expert in designing stylish labels.


Go to Labeley and click on the Start Designing button.



Select Beer option for the purposes of this tutorial. There is also a possibility to make wine labels, stickers for kids or general labels for any other purpose.

Choose Label Category


The tool includes many label elements label that can be customized. The first one is the shape. There are lot of different interesting forms that can be used for beer. Just click on the one you like.

Selecting Shape


Then, you can choose the color of the label border by clicking on the one you prefer. If you don’t like how your label looks like with the border, you can skip this step.

Select border


It’s time to select the background of your label.

  1. Click on the Background icon on the left
  2. Select the model of the background by clicking on it
  3. Click on the Background Color in order to change it

Likewise, it isn’t necessary to select the model of the background. It can remain just in one color or you can upload any photo from your computer and use it as a background. Those instructions will be covered later in the text.

Background selection


After background, it’s time to select a graphic. There is a wide range of interesting and modern graphics within the tool. Just click on the one you like, and playtime begins!

Selecting Graphic

You can rotate the image by clicking on the top arrow or resize it by clicking and moving the side arrow.

Rotate image

Here are some additional options for modifying the graphic.

  • Delete – when you want to erase the graphic
  • Bring forward – when you have multiple graphics and you want to put one in front of the other
  • Push behind – when you have multiple graphics and you want to put one behind the other
  • Center object – when you want to put the object in the center
  • Straighten – when you want to straighten the rotated object

More editing tools


Once you’ve selected an appropriate graphic, you can write something about your beer by clicking on Create Text button. This can be a really fun endeavor.

Create Text

  • Font – you can choose the font by clicking on the one you prefer.
  • Color of the font – click on the arrow below the Color button and select the color of your text.

When you finish, just enter text in the field.

Text Formatting


This function was mentioned before. Instead of choosing pre-made backgrounds or graphics, you can upload your own image from the computer by clicking on the Upload Image button.

Upload Image

After uploading your image, you can apply filters by ticking brightness, blur, sharpen or grayscale. If you want to crop it, just click on the Crop button. When the image is ready, click on the Apply button.

Apply Filter and Crop


Finally, when you created your perfect label, you just need to save your masterpiece. Click on the Save in the right corner.

Save Level

Afterwards, below your label, you will find different icons.

More options

  1. Click on 1 if you want to share or download the label. But before that, you need to create an account with Labeley.
  2. Click on 2 if you want to delete the label.
  3. Click on 3 if you want to edit the label.
  4. Click on 4 if you want to order your printed labels.

Yes, there are many steps, but only because there are a lot of options to play with, which makes it easier to create a truly unique label. If you like the idea of labeling your items with easy-to-make, fun and 100% unique labels, head over to Labeley and test your creativity!

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