Is the Internet a dangerous place?

The Internet considered as a virtual environment is an extremely wide place that consist thousands of dimensions that people can follow in order to get what they need. Initially, World Wide Web was created in directly scientific purposes, mostly to exchange the information between universities. By the following decades it has extremely developed and now it is worldwide tool that can be used in many purposes. People from all around the world use it to communicate each other and seek information. Since last few years it has became also a place where young and creative people can present their innovative ideas and share them with the world. Thanks to financing method like crowdfunding those people are able to gain necessary founds to start their businesses. Besides the benefits that the Internet is giving to its’ users it also created the opportunities to develop bad practices. The first worrisome things that appeared in the Net were computer viruses. After that a lot of brutal and sexist content websites appeared which became desired by the youngest. Next thing is about people who are using the Net to make some illegal trade or other forbidden practices. Sexual offenders usually use the Internet as a main tool to seek for potential victims. Very often kids that are not careful in sharing their personal data in the Internet might be kidnapped. As we can see there are hundreds of pros and the same amount of cons as far as the Internet usefulness is concerned.

How we can protect the users?

Every user of computer with connection to the Net is exposed on many threats that are lurking online. Especially young people very easily may become the targets of an online bullying or some immoral propositions. To protect the whole family, first of all parents should gain at least minimum knowledge about how the whole WWW works. They can also decide to install some software that will support their attempts to guarantee the security to all household members. Such software could be for instance some antivirus and firewalls that are able to find problematic applications that may damage data stored on a computer or even steal some personal information like bank account password, mail login and password. Firewalls are able to block the attempts of other Net users to get into your personal computer. Next type of software that is rather preventing than reacting is a third-party parental control application. Programs like that are extremely important in a case of taking care of the youngest, who are oftenly inexperienced in the Internet field. Because of their naivety they are much easier targets for any bad guys that exist in the Internet environment.


To sum up, there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages of the WWW network and that’s why people should be aware as much as it is possible in order to be able to keep their closest safe. Things like sexual harassment, bullying, pornographic and violent content website can be eliminate through the building of social awareness, strict law and reaction of the society.

About the author:
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