iPhone 6s features the same camera as iPhone 6

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iPhone 6s camera testYou must have thought what the heck we have written, haven’t you? There are so many industries/organizations or tech bloggers that have tested iPhone 6s, they also compared it with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or S6. Some of them said they both are almost equal, some said Galaxy S6 is slightly better than iPhone 6s, some said iPhone 6s has better camera compared to iPhone 6, but no one ever said iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s both have the same quality of camera.

According to DxOmark, Apple has not made improvement in iPhone 6s camera compared to iPhone 6. They both scored 82 in DxOmark’s camera test.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 camera test score (DxOmark)

Photo : 83

Video : 80

iPhone 6s features 12-megapixel rear camera compared to 8-megapixel in iPhone 6, now Panorama mode supports up to 63 MP compared to 43 MP in iPhone 6. These are the major upgrade, but Apple decreased the pixel size in new iPhone from 1.5µ pixels in iPhone 6 to 1.22µ pixels in iPhone 6s. New iPhones also supports 4K video recording that old iPhones never did. Front camera has also been upgraded from 1.2 MP to 5MP.

However, DxOmark mentioned that iPhone 6s lacks the same capabilities that iPhone 6 did, and here are the pros and cons that they found in iPhone 6s