IOTransfer 3 Makes it Easier to Manage and Transfer iOS Data for PC User

IOTransfer 3 is a solution for your iOS needs that allows transfering data between iOS devices and PCs with ease. As we already know that iPhones and iPads have little complicated way to transfer data from a computer. It doesn’t work like Android phones. You are supposed to rely on iTunes that comes with limited features and doesn’t work well on Windows Computer. IOTransfer 3 works as a bridge and help you transfer data faster and do many other things that we will discuss in this article.

IOTransfer 3 Features

Transfer Photos, Videos, and Music between iOS and PCs

IOTransfer 3 app comes with the option to Manage data that allows to import photos, videos, and music files from your PC to an iPhone or iPad. In the sameĀ way you can also export those files from your iOS device to the computer and keep those files as backup. It could also be very useful when you are running out of storage and you need some free space. Think of a situation when you are going on vacation and you need more storage to capture amazing photos. You will be able to export your existing iPhone data to the computer and free up your iPhone’s storage. These data will remain on the computer and you can transfer them back to your iPhone whenever you need using this iPhone Transfer Software.

The Wireless Data Transfer Feature (Air-Trans)

The IOTransfer 3 app has Air-Transfer feature that allows transferring data between PC and iOS devices wirelessly. You need to make sure that your computer and iPhone/iPad both are connected to the same WiFi network.

Along with Music, Photos, and Videos, you can also transfer Voice Memos, iBooks, and Audio Books.

Clean up to boost storage

The Clean feature within app allows cleaning junk or app cache files that can help you boost your iPhone or iPad’s storage. You can go to the Clean option of the app and scan for junk files.

Download Online Videos and Convert them

IOTransfer 3 app comes with built-in online video downloader feature. You can use this app to download videos from various online video streaming platform and convert them to iOS supported format before you send them to your iPhone or iPad. So this app can also be used as a free online video downloader app.

Instagram Downloader

Downloading Instagram Photos and Videos are also possible with this app. All you have to do it copy the Photo/Video URL and paster it under the Instagram Downloader option that is under Tools option in the app and you can then download.

GIF Makes

If you want to create Custom GIFs, then IOTransfer 3 app is very useful to achieve this task. The app has a GIF creator option under the Tools option of the app that can be used to make some cool animated GIFs.

The above-mentioned features make IOTransfer 3 a very useful application to not only manage iOS Data but to also do some other great things. The app is available as a 7 days trials to allow users testing its features before they buy.