Why do I get Insufficient memory error on android mobile while download apps from Play Store when I still have enough space

fixing insufficient memory issue on android

There are some smartphones that makes it tough to download/install apps from Google Play Store. While downloading apps from Google Play store, you will always get the error insufficient memory even you have more than required space available in internal storage. If you don’t have any option to install/transfer apps to memory card, you will curse yourself why you bought such stupid phone.


When you check the storage in your Android Phone’s settings, you will see very less memory in your Mobile storage/internal storage, but you will see one more storage option known as Internal card storage/Internal SD card that will have lots of memory where the app can not be installed from Google Play Store. Internal SD card is different and you can still use MicroSD card, if there is any slot for that.

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How to fix the issue?

I didn’t find any solution to fix this error, but just one way to install apps. You need to search all Android apps in Google, and download the .apk file. Once downloaded, check the download folder and install the app. You will not get any error, and app will work fine.

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