Instagram is updated with five new filters and other improvements

The popular Instagram application is updated with five new filters for photographs and slight improvements in the user interface. It is now available for Android and iOS.

After several months without news, Instagram has announced on its official blog to update its apps for Android and iOS incorporating five new filters to photographs: Slumber, Cream, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. These are obviously the huge addition and now available in the application for almost two years.

In addition to these new filters, Instagram now also allows rearrange the order of the filters, however users can have their favorite filters always at the beginning of the list. In the same way, they can also hide those filters that they do not like to use; in this way they can get rid of filters if they do not like or simply believe them clutter in the application.

News does not end here. Now, in the selector filters, from thumbnails to each of them will be a preview of the image you are editing with the filter applied. In other words, the thumbnails of each filter will be the image editing with believed filter applied, which is really useful to get an advance idea what the end result.

Unfortunately, Instagram’s this update continuously running without using iOS extensions and improves the quality of image processing on Android (a problem known almost since the beginning of the application on that platform is also solved), which begins to be inadmissible taking into the magnitude of the service.

These developments are already available for both Android and iOS (by a previous update, obviously), while Windows Phone users will have to keep waiting for the moment probably so indefinitely. This is not surprising, then, as we have seen on many occasions, the Microsoft platform is not exactly one of the main focuses for Instagram; although it is something that should be changed.

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