Inkjet printers v/s laser printers: are you confused?

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A fundamental debate when we are in front of a small business and want to get the best equipment for our printing work. Two printing technologies that have marked the history of this market for decades, and they have gone through many different eras. Indeed, the new technologies of HP can be converted into the door for a new golden age of inkjet printers. Do you want to know what the best printer is for your business? We review the pros and cons of each of these technologies.

In recent years, the most recommended option for any company that needs to have above three hundred prints per month was a laser printer. These technologies have managed to lower the price enough, though still more expensive than ink printers. Of course you also save a lot of money on consumables when used regularly. That is the widespread idea that the market was structured until a few years ago. Several manufacturers wanted to revitalize sales of inkjet printers in the field of SMEs, although none of them is as strongly as HP. The U.S. manufacturer has deployed a technology called PageWide that is revolutionizing the segment. This technology involves using multiple print heads intertwined occupying the entire width of the document. Thus, printing is performed more quickly and in a single pass.

hp officejet pro x

With its new range of HP Officejet Pro (especially HP Officejet Pro X ), the U.S. company is offering a serious alternative to laser, that has a professional finish similar to laser printers, but with significant cost savings and energy consumption, but the proposal does not end there. HP has also started to introduce inkjet printers, aimed specifically at large businesses, and plans to launch next year its technology PageWide HP equipment for your large format printing.

Inkjet printers, a solid alternative

Since the U.S. company began releasing HP Officejet Pro, one of the main obstacles to those who have had to face is the preconception that inkjet printers turn out to be more expensive than laser, but advances in technology; ink and pigments used, allow to obtain a very substantial savings of up to 50% in both the cost per page and energy consumption, and all with a professional finish similar to that achieved with laser printers. In essence, the cost of replacing HP Officejet Pro 8600 Printer Ink is lower than replacing toners in laser printers, without having to sacrifice quality. Furthermore, the maintenance of these printing equipments are easier than laser printers.

Speed and performance

Until now, laser printers allow higher speeds usually ink printer, but with technology HP PageWide has managed to turn the situation, and HP Officejet Pro X has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest printer on the market, with speeds reaching the 70 pages per minute. Definitely a fundamental change has become one of demands of these large printing equipment.

officejet pro x

Performance-wise, this is an increasingly thin border. HP Officejet Pro X was a first major step in this field, with monthly cycles of up to 75,000 pages per month and recommended to cycle 4,200 pages. And the company has gone one step further through its models HP Officejet Enterprise Pro X, which already amount to cycle 6,000 pages per month.

Inkjet or laser??

Today, laser printers are still the major players in the office, but the choice between laser and ink is no longer as easy as before. If you’re in front of a business or an SME and don’t not need more than 4,000 pages per month printings, HP Officejet Pro can become a very viable alternative. Their energy efficiency, savings in consumables and the print quality often placed above the laser equipment in the market. Yes, in the vicinity of large enterprises or SMEs who have a high print needs, laser printers remain the most powerful option.