An Infographic With The Reasons of iPhone Data Loss and Recovery Options

Whether you are an individual or professional, data loss is the worst thing can happen to anyone. There could be various reasons that may cause data loss, but most of us don’t even know the best practices to be safe from such mishaps. A data recovery software making company has released an infographic to make users aware about iPhone Data Loss Reasons and Recovery Options. The infographic is focused on these points;

  • Possible reasons behind data loss.
  • Type of files that we usually loose.
  • Security Measures an iPhone user must practice.
  • Ways to recover lost files.

What are the possible reasons behind Data Loss?

  • You deleted the file accidentally.
  • User dropped the iPhone into water.
  • iPhone is lost or someone stole it.
  • While upgrading you device to new version, it failed.
  • You lost the data during Jailbreak process.
  • User restored iPhone to its factory settings, but forgot to take backup.
  • iPhone got infected by virus or malware, that’s a rare case of loosing data.

According to a survey, it has been found that around 34% iPhone users take no action to secure their data, and this is the may reason behind the data loss.

Security Measure an iPhone users should take

  • Secure phone with passcode.
  • Backup data to the cloud or computer.
  • Use a Smartphone Locator App. iPhone users can use Find my iPhone.
  • Install an antivirus apps. This is really needed for those with Jailbroken iPhone.
  • Encrypt data.

Data Recovery Options for iPhone Users

There are 3 ways to recover lost data;

  • Recover from iTunes.
  • Recover from Cloud Backup.
  • Use a third party software to recover iPhone Data.

Here is the infographic about iPhone Data Loss and Recovery Options

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