An infographic to tell the benefits of AMP pages, and what it has changed so far

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has now completed a year, and it has made so many changes for bloggers as well as visitors. AMP is an open source project that engaged over 8700 developers so far, and it turned out a good move for bloggers and users.

Why should someone enable Accelerated Mobile Pages for the blog or website

Google has now started picking AMP pages for ranking when a user search via a mobile device because it makes the page load 4 times faster than a normal mobile page. We have told many times that almost half of the user go to the Internet via mobile device, so if you don’t want to miss huge traffic, you must enable AMP for your website. Earlier, there was no option to add ad banners on Accelerated Mobile Pages, but now you can add Adsense on AMP. So if you are not setting up AMP, you are missing revenue as well as traffic.

Here is an Infographic from AMPProject to tell What AMP has done so far;

  • AMP made mobile pages load 4 times faster.
  • Over 600-million AMP Pages have been published in a year.
  • Over 700 bloggers or website owners have set up AMP.
  • Over 8700 Developers engaged with AMP.
  • 23% increase in repeat mobile search for on the WashingtonPost. In the same way, it must have also affected other blogs.
  • Over 73% increase in unique monthly visitors who use a Mobile device to search.


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