Indeed.Com : Things You Should Know About This Job Search Portal

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Indeed.Com was founded in November 2004 by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan. It is a Job Search Portal that helps job seekers finding jobs worldwide. Along with the United States, Indeed.Com is available in many other countries. According to Indeed’s statement, every month over 200-million unique job seekers visit Indeed.Com from 60 different countries. Indeed is also available in many different languages, and the domain extension changes according to countries and languages.

List of all Indeed Domains based on languages and regions

When you search a job try to use a region based Indeed website to find the most relevant jobs for you.

  1. Argentina (Spanish) :
  2. Australia (English) :
  3. Austria (German) :
  4. Bahrain (English and Arabic) :
  5. Belgium ( English, French, Dutch and German) :
  6. Brazil (Portuguese) :
  7. Canada (English and French) :
  8. Chile (Spanish) :
  9. China (Chinese) :
  10. Colombia (Spanish) :
  11. Denmark (Danisg) :
  12. Deutschland (German) :
  13. Egypt (English and Arabic) :
  14. France (French) :
  15. Hong Kong (English) :
  16. India (English) :
  17. Ireland (English) :
  18. Israel (Hebrew and English) :
  19. Italy (Italian) :
  20. Japan (Japanese) :
  21. Korea (Korean) :
  22. Kuwait (English and Arabic) :
  23. Mexico (Spanish) :
  24. Morocco (English, Arabic and French) :
  25. Netherlands (Dutch) :
  26. New Zealand (English) :
  27. Norway (Norwegian) :
  28. Oman (English and Arabic) :
  29. Poland (Polish) :
  30. Portugal (Portuguese) :
  31. Qatar (English and Arabic) :
  32. Russia (Russian) :
  33. Saudi Arabia (English and Arabic) :
  34. Spain (Spanish) :
  35. Switzerland (English, Dutch and French) :
  36. Singapore (English) :
  37. South Africa (English) :
  38. Sweden (Swedish) :
  39. Taiwan (Chinese) :
  40. Turkey (Turkish) :
  41. UAE (English) :
  42. United Kingdon (English and Arabic) :
  43. United States (English and Spanish) :

Did you know that Indeed.Com has a dedicated section to find the top best companies to work?


Best Places to Work In the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia

Indeed.Com has listed top 50 companies for US, UK and Australia, along with Job Opening and Reviews link. You can click on the Job Opening link to see what jobs are currently available. To see the list of the companies use the following links;

See the list of top 50 companies to work in your country

What do you need to do to start searching a job and Apply Online on

There is no requirement if you want to search a job on Indeed, you can visit the website, and start searching jobs. However, you must register yourself and submit a resume to apply for jobs.

If you are logged in to Indeed website and visit the home page, Indeed also shows the recommended jobs. You also receive emails from Indeed with the list of jobs that matches your profile

Note : Many job seekers get a job without applying. If you have your contact detail updated, and your resume has the power to attract employers, you will get many calls from employers. Thousands of employers keep searching resume on Indeed, and you may be the next lucky job seeker.

Do I need to make any payment to search and apply for jobs?

Indeed doesn’t charge anything to job seekers, starting from job searching to joining the company.

Does Indeed have an Application for iPhone and Android to Browse Jobs?

Yes, Indeed has a free application that you can download for Smartphones and Tablets. iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Users can download the app from the App Store, and Android users can get it on Google PlayStore.

How Much Does It Cost to Post a Job on Indeed (For Employers)?

Indeed has free as well as paid plans. You can post a Job on Indeed website without paying any amount. However, that will be a normal listing that will keep going down as and when new jobs are posted. So Indeed offers sponsored Jobs Posting as well. When you choose to make a sponsor Job Post, your listing appears above the normal search result, and you get charged only when Job Seekers click on the link. You can start for as little as $5 a day. Please visit this page for more detail.

How to get a Job at Indeed?

Indeed has its offices in Amsterdam, Austin, Banglore, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Hyderabad, London, New York, Paris, SanFranciso, San Mateo, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Singapore, Stamford, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. You can browse a job and apply that suits your profile. Start Browsing Now to Work At Indeed.

For Bloggers : How to Add Indeed Job Search Tool to my website and make money?

Indeed has a program for publishers. If you own a website or blog, you can add Indeed’s job search tools to your blog or website, and make money. Visit Indeed’s Publisher Program Page, sign up and follow the given instructions.