Increasing Needs with the advancement of the technology

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These days, people need those things they can carry easily. This is where mobility came from. Whether you need a mobile or any other device this can be answered only by the person who want it. There was a time when the mobile had some basic usage, like making calls and sending messages. Gradually it started to change along with the new technologies. Then some advanced features were added, and we were able to listen to the music and watch videos, though the video quality was not that much clear. We needed more as we know a human mind is never satisfied. Later HD display, digital sound even gaming features all were added. I still remember my first smartphone “Nokia 6600.” The sound quality was not good, but was a great mobile those days and was sold like anything. Now the technology has developed so much, and a mobile can serve almost all the work what a computer can. We can do our work on the go.

Nokia 6600

Sometimes we are confused whether to buy a laptop/computer or a smartphone. I took the wrong decision once and bought one smartphone. The reason behind this is I needed the same what I saw in my friends’ hands. That’s what we do, don’t we? I am not discouraging the mobile purchase, but just trying to guide those users who have budget of everything, and those who have more than enough can get any device they want. Understand your need and then decide. You want to get the best experience of internet surfing, and you don’t need it all the time. Why you need a mobile then? A mobile can never be better than a laptop as far as internet surfing is concerned, and the data charges are much more expensive than a broadband connection. Sometimes it’s frustrating to keep on zooming the screen and tap, even you tap on the wrong anchor word. Users need a mobile with large display which can’t even fit in their pocket, and they carry holding in their hand. There are times when it slips through the hand as well. The difference between a mobile and the tablet is getting vanished. There will be a time when you won’t be able to decide what you have exactly bought, a mobile or a tablet. Just a new name has been given “Phablet.”


Now children learn to operate mobile before they can speak. I have my nephew who can do almost all the things on my mobile, like playing videos, games, music etc. He can even browse the menu himself, and he knows where all the stuffs are, but he can’t even speak properly. That’s what technology is! If you need a device to prepare some documents on a daily basis or to use the internet to work, go for a laptop or computer. A computer can serve all the work a mobile can even you can make calls using VOIP, but if you need a device for entertainment purpose only, go for a smartphone. A smartphone can do the same work as well but not as much efficiently as a computer can. Increasing features of mobile phones have turned the sell down of other devices, like camera, mp3 players, GPS devices, DVD players, alarm clock watches etc. A smartphone is all in one and can do all those work. Android has given a new life to smartphones and the Android updates keep on adding new features, even they have huge market where lots of apps are found. We don’t even use a diary anymore to keep the record of any event or store telephone numbers. There are softwares which can even monitor your health. As I said our needs are increasing, so we need fashionable design as well along with good features. This is why the new models are being launched, like LG G Flex with curve design, Nokia Lumia with colorful and eye-catching display, HTC One with Boom sound and stylish metal body etc. To go with flow Blackberry has set BBM free as well. Now, BBM is available for Android devices as along with Blackberry mobiles. This will not stop here, and this will never stop, because we always look for something better.

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