Tips to Improve Content Optimization By Discovering Mistakes We Make

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A good website or blog needs awesome contents that are engaging as well as informative. A webmaster or blogger invest a great amount of time to figure out what to write about and then research and collect information, and finally, put them into words. So preparing contents is not a joke as it’s quite time-consuming and requires lots of effort. How would you feel if all the effort goes in vain? This is what happens with most of the webmasters and bloggers. Their contents neither reach readers/users not rank well in the Search Engine. They don’t know what they are missing.

There are many other aspects to take care of along with the information you provide within a content. Here are some suggestions that you must take care of while writing an article for your blog.

Things to take into consideration while preparing an article

Topic:- Try to write something unique. If many webmasters have already published the article on a specific topic, your article is likely to be lost in the crowd unless you are the owner of a high authority website. If you want to write about the same topic, try putting those detail that other blogs have not covered.

Information:- Google knows the Content as King. So keep it brief and informative. There is no need to write a long piece of the article unless it’s really needed. It will make people bored to death. They will quit your website in the middle, and next time they will never click on the link shown by search result if they remember that’s your site.

Readability:- Use simple words in the article considering that you are writing the article for a 10-year old kid. It will help everyone to read and understand. Don’t write articles like literature that will make it very difficult to understand those who are not native.

Along with above-mentioned points, you should also take care of Search Engine Optimization. There are various tools that you can use to shorten your work and optimize content in well-manner. I am not talking about that spammy software that auto-rewrite content, but the one that finds your mistakes, and also provide suggestions.


Copywritely is a web application that helps bloggers and websites to fix the content issue and improve content optimization so that it can rank well. Here are some of the most important features of this web app.

Checks Plagiarism:- Copywritely checks for the similar content on Search Engine to check the content uniqueness. If there is any problem, it will provide feedback. So it can also be used as a Plagiarism Checker Tool.

Detects Keyword Stuffing Issue:- Keywords are necessary to add in the article but you are not supposed to stuff the article with keywords. Too many keywords in the article will make Search Engine Bot consider your article as Spam, and it will never rank in the google. Instead of using direct keywords, you can also use Synonymous words. Copywritely will detect if there is any keyword stuffing issue and provide the feedback.

Detects Grammatical Error:- Google as well readers appreciate the contents that are free from grammatical errors. A well-written article is likely to rank in search engines.

Redundant Phrases and Readability Issues:- We have already discussed above what readability is? Redundant phrases are those that are useless and don’t add value to the article. Copywritely checks these errors and help you fix by providing suggestions.

Other features:- Along with all the points mentioned above, Copywritely also detects the issue with Relevancy, Rhythmic Monotony, and Morphology.

You can try Copywritely free that provides you 5 article checks without any fee. If you like it, you can upgrade. Along with checking content, you can also check those already published on your or any other website by putting the URL.