If you are a student, you should use ‘My Study Life’

Student life is hard though for some not for all; including different tasks, thousand times changing decisions, a thousand tutorials… Besides studying, you must control many variables in your day to day work; and that’s not exactly easy task especially if you’re a student complementally-. However, there is an android app that can be very useful for you, and that is ‘My Life Study’.

My Study Life is a service that brings together numerous tasks in one place; everything needs to organize a student. It allows students to manage many tasks they have pending until the tests for each subject; all the tasks with an elaboration and thorough manner, because all students know that it’s seemingly simple job might turn into something much more complex over time.

For example, you can point the progress of certain task or the internal contents of the addition subject to which it corresponds, the delivery date and relation to that data. Find similar case examinations, which also can view quickly in calendar form, which greatly facilitates the distribution of your study time.

My Study Life comes wrapped additionally in a beautiful clear interface (based on shades of green and white) very pleasing to the eye. All elements have flat textures, colors are uniform across the interface, the sources are slight … every student should have feeling to use a product of its time, unlike other applications of this type, which are determined to include flat based interfaces.

My Study Life allows you to track tasks, scheduling reminders and notifications as well as creating different check lists to traditional binary, as these allow registering a task as the development has been done on it. It can send reminders about pending tasks, upcoming exams and classes to begin; all these are programmable and customizable by the user

However, the most attractive part of My Study Life is its multiplatform character can access the service from all major platforms. It’s available for android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web, Google Chrome, Windows 8 … etc. This feature, though it may seem irrelevant, is essential in many cases, because students usually work on a variety of platforms. For example, I often work with Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone and iPad), but my university computers are Windows and / or any distribution of Linux, so, if My Life Study wouldn’t for the multiplatform nature, I could not access my tasks and my exams from such devices.

Finally, an essential feature of My Study Life is its gratuity. Students do not usually have abundant resources, so that service is free, and quality is greatly appreciated.

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