HTC Butterfly 2 and its specifications

The Taiwanese company HTC has starred working on the new device which have disclosed the specifications of a new version of HTC Butterfly. As pointed out by filtration, the new HTC Butterfly 2 incorporate very similar specifications to that we can find in the flagship of this manufacturer, the HTC One M8. So we are talking about a high-end mobile that could hit stores in a few months.

The first information about HTC Butterfly 2 suggest that this smartphone will incorporate five inches HD screen  with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. As far as processor and RAM is concerned, It’s going to be 2.3 GHz Quad-Core and 2 GB RAM. The internal memory capacity would be established as 16 gigabytes.

That itself is also likely to be small differences compared to HTC One M8 , and one of them reside in housing that is not metal but is made ​​of plastic. In addition, the main chamber of HTC Butterfly 2 could also be completely different from HTC One M8 camera (four-megapixel with Ultrapíxel and dual-chamber), as rumors said it would be a conventional camera that would be 13 megapixels. The front camera would remain intact as five megapixels.

Unfortunately for European users, the same leaks that have released these specifications have also noted that the HTC Butterfly 2 is a terminal reserved for the Asian market only. May be even we could be talking about the so called economic version of HTC One M8, which is being rumored that-for the moment have no official confirmation.

Even taking into account the availability of the HTC Butterfly 2 could be limited exclusively to the European market, note that the price of this terminal could be between 400 to 500 euros, which would be a much more affordable price compared to the 600 euros it currently costs for HTC One M8.

We have to wait a few weeks to finally meet the economic companion of HTC One M8. What seems to be more than confirmed is that, sooner or later, HTC will release a budget version of its current flagship. At the end of the day, there are many users who would be willing to give details such as-for example-the metal housing to pay less for a mobile that incorporates the same specifications and the same assurance of one of the largest manufacturers sector that already got somethinh like this in the history with the launch of HTC One

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