HP launches its new midrange tablet HP8 1401

hp8 1401 and Google nexus 7

nexus 7Along with the laptop and computer production HP has its eye on mobile world as well, and HP is trying continuously to make something good to attract more consumers. Here HP is with its new midrange tablet HP8 1401! This tablet has  7.85″ display with 1024X768 pixel resolution. HP has used Allwinner Quad-core chip, 1GB RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. It’s Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean equipped.

As far as cameras are concerned, it has 2MP primary and 0.3MP secondary camera. You can get one benefit which is 25GB of lifetime free storage on BOX (Cloud Storage). This tablet costs around $170 in the USA. The tablet has a 3800 mAh battery and it can be used for 7 Hrs after full recharge, though many other factors affect.


By the way, HP8 1401 is not really good enough in terms of features, like cameras, RAM, etc. This might be fair for some people, but not for most of the users. HP should think to make a difference launching something good and unique. People don’t buy a tablet each day, so why won’t someone buy Google Nexus 7 tablet paying a little more than buying this HP tablet. Google Nexus 7 has far better features, like 2GB RAM, 1920X1200 pixel resolution, 1.2MP front and 5MP main camera, 3950 mAh battery etc. With the same storage capacity (16GB) Google Nexus 7 costs $229. So I don’t see a good reason to buy HP8 1401.

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