How to use quick look feature on Mac to preview live website

Mac is one of the most popular operating system, and it comes with many great features. Quick Look feature allows to have a peek on any live website. This feature works with Safari as well as Chrome and Firefox. We will tell you how to make a use if this.

How to use quick look feature on Mac to preview live website

  • Open any internet browser (Safari / Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox)
  • Type the URL and open any webpage
  • Drag webpage URL from browser to desktop or anywhere you want to keep. Don’t click on address bar, just drag it. In Google Chrome, drag the file icon (located the left side of address bar) to desktop, and if you are using Firefox, drag the round icon (web icon, located at the left side of address bar)
  • Once it is on desktop, select the icon
  • Now you can simple press space bar to quick look, or use the secondary click option of trackpad and select Quick Look

You can have a quick look on the live website, and close it. If you click on any link / article on quick look page, it will open that page on Safari. So you can keep browsing this way or just close it after quick look.

If you are facing trouble, watch this quick video

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