How to Unlock a Locked Windows Computer When Admin Password is Forgotten?

Admin password to your Windows computer is one such important key that can allow you to have full-fledge access to every corner of your operating system. Unlike local user accounts, once you are logged in to your admin account, you will have full control over your system. But there are times when users lose or forget the admin password. Using an account after a long period could also be the reason to forget the password. During such idiosyncrasies, you will not be able to authorize any of your already stored files and folders within your system. There could be your daily used spreadsheets; account chart sheets; name and list of clients; email-ID passwords in excel files, etc. Thus being unable to enter your admin account, you will be completely locked out from accessing any of these contents.

But there are certain trickeries that can be put to use. You may not be aware of them all, and that’s what this article is going to serve you on a platter.

What are they? To know that, carry on with your reading keenly to understand each and every detail illustrated below.

Method#1: Reset Password with Install Disk

Most of the users consider the install disk that they get during the computer purchase that it can only serve the purpose of installing the OS on your computer. But that’s not all! If you are technically adept, then you would definitely know that it can also be used to reset your system password. And this is what we are going to attempt here in this section.

In order to start with this method, restart your computer and boot it using the install disk in your possession. Change the boot order if required from the CMOS utility settings. When the language/ keyboard setting screen turns up, proceed by clicking on “Repair your Computer” link shown below.

Next select “Command Prompt” which is Window’s command line interpreter from the list of options available.

You should now see a black dialogue box of cmd where you are about to enter the following command lines and hit “Enter”:


     cd windows

     cd system32

     ren sethc.exe sethc.exe.bak

     copy cmd.exe sethc.exe


Next close all the opened Windows or minimized windows, and reboot your computer. Eject the inserted disk before rebooting to avoid another booting from the disk.

Now at the login screen, hit the “Shift” key 5 times incessantly to open up a new cmd box. Type in the following command to reset your password and hit “Enter”:

      net user user_name new_password


Simply replace the “username” with the target user account and “password” with the new password that you wish to set in.

This method is very much helpful provided that your disk in a perfect shape and condition. Otherwise, the disk would not work at all and your attempt will fail.

Method #2: Reset Password with UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD Tool)

UBCD shortly abbreviated for Ultimate Boot CD Tool is a very powerful Windows password resetting tool which runs many simulations on your computer. Since the program is Linux based program, it proves to be a bit difficult procedure. Hence, if you are fully confident with Linux OS handling, then do not try to attempt this method recklessly out of a whim.

In order to use the tool, firstly get the software installed on any operational computer and burn the ISO images to create a bootable disk. Now plug in loaded disk into the locked computer and boot from it. Change the device from the boot priority device list in CMOS settings if need be.

The moment you get to behold the tool’s main window on the computer screen, click on “Parted Magic” and hit “Enter” to continue.


When the next page turns up, press ‘1’ to select your default settings and proceed.


Next- when the tool is loaded, go to the following location:

Start > System Tools > Change Windows Password


Procure a new password and save the changes you just made. Eject the bootable disk reboot your computer. Access the locked account with the newly set password, and there shall be no trouble at all like before.

NOTE: UBCD is not compatible with 64-bit version OS.

Method #3: Disable Password Security with Passfolk SaverWin

Passfolk SaverWin is yet another marvelous Windows Password removal tool which can easily disable the password security facility from the sign-in page without any actual loss of data files from the system. You don’t ever need to re-configure the OS.

What Makes Passfolk SaverWin Unique?

Indeed there are certain salient specifications which make the tool exceptional from other freely available tools. Few of those exceptions are listed out below as follows:

  • No need for OS re-installation.
  • No internet connection needed.
  • Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10/ 2003/ 2008/ 2012/ 2016 are all compatible with this tool.
  • Both USB and CD/DVD can be used as bootable disks.
  • For queries, all-time customer service is available at your desk.
  • All type of system files, such as NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32 are fully compatible with this utility.

Now let’s start with the actual procedure to make it operational. The first step would be to download and install the setup file directly from the internet to any of your operational computer. Right click on the tool icon and select “Run as administrator” to run it with full admin authority.

Insert an empty disk into the computer and click on “Burn USB” button to commence the burning of ISO image files to the inserted disk. There is no requirement additional ISO burning tool as Passfolk SaverWin is equipped already with such in-built facilities.


When the burning is finished, click “Ok” to confirm the completion.


Plug out the laded disk and connect it to the locked target computer. Boot the computer using the newly inserted bootable disk to load the ISO file to the computer’s hard drive. Once this is done, the multiple user accounts will be displayed on the computer screen. Select your locked account and click on “Reboot” and “Reset Password” one by one and your system will restart immediately clearly indicating the beginning of the password removal process.


But when it will turn on again, you will surprisingly have no password entry hassle, which proves your attempt is successful.


If you read the article thoroughly, then you can conclude yourself the fact that Passfolk SaverWin is the only viable option that can present you better output. So don’t waste your time and download this iconic tool, Passfolk SaverWin immediately to end your problem. At the moment, this tool is free to download

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