How to stop showing community posts on my Google Plus Page

stop showing community posts on my Google Plus Page 1

If you want your content to reach more people around the world, then you need to share your posts or content with many people, specially communities and groups in social network. Google Plus is one of the most popular social network where you can find many communities, and share your post to make it visible to millions of people, but there is one problem in sharing to Google Plus communities from your page. You will see so many duplicate posts on your own page what you have shared to communities and your page will look awkward. 

How to stop showing community posts in your Google Plus page?

You can simply go to your page and act like the Page Manager, and then at the top right corner click on your profile image, and then click on Settings.

Scroll down and come to the bottom of the page. Now you will see Profile section. Under profile section there is one option: “Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile.” All you need to do it uncheck the box and save it.

stop showing community posts in my google plus page

You are done here, and now you can share your original posts to communities page and it won’t show up in your Google Plus page.

If you still have any issue doing that, get in touch.

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