How to Start a Podcast: Every Single Step for 2021

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Though podcasts didn’t become popular overnight, today one can hardly find a person who has never heard about them or listened to them at least once in their life. Perhaps, the best thing about podcasts is that it gives anyone an opportunity to share their professional opinions and concerns as well as discuss lessons learned. Podcasts have become more accessible than radio, which is one of the key reasons for their growing popularity in many countries worldwide. I will definitely take the liberty to say that slowly but surely they are taking over the communication world.

Many people have considered an option of launching their own podcast at least once in their life. Most likely, the main challenge they face while doing it is a lack of clear-cut understanding where to start. No matter whether you are a marketing expert, business owner or just want to host your personal podcast, take a look at these helpful practical tips.

Plan is Everything

One may get an impression that talking about a topic they know a lot about or are experienced in is as easy as falling off a log. Though there is some truth in it, reality shows that there are many nuances, big and small, that need to be taken into serious consideration. Of course, the beauty of a podcast is that it doesn’t need to be polished and overly edited. Yet, you should have a clear plan and set out objectives you aim at. Otherwise there is a big risk of turning your podcast into illogical and incomprehensive babbling.

Build Awareness


To increase the number of your listeners and gain more popularity, you need not to miss out on any opportunity to raise your recognition. When you host special guests or company representatives, use them as advocates for promoting your program. If you choose guests with large social followings and encourage them to share, you can grow your exposure quickly. Try to make the most of company newsletters, social media and other digital channels – this will help you to boost a following. Importantly, make sure they name your podcast correctly and convey its subject and key features correctly and precisely. Don’t forget about your background  – you need to podcast backgrounds to be able to incorporate them in the mentioned activities.

Structure Your Podcast

When it comes to podcasts, one of the most common mistakes beginners make is taking them lightly. If you run your podcast on an on-and-off basis without expecting any tangible results, then you can skip this part. However, if you really want to have a highly successful show you need to plan and schedule your content well in advance. Next, when you announce the schedule of your podcast to the audience – make sure you stick to it literally.

Predictability is a Plus


Many people try to avoid being predictable at any cost. Yet, an important point to make here is that predictability doesn’t mean repetitiveness. Of course, being boring is definitely a way to nowhere. On the other hand, being predictable in terms of creating patterns that make it easier for the subscribers to know the date of the next release, the expected guests and topic of the discussion etc., will help you to keep your listeners interested in your content.

Promote On Social Media

If your ultimate goal is to make it big one day with your podcast, then you should use every possibility to make the most of social media to drive listeners. Post announcements and links to your podcast on your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Furthermore, track your visitors to adjust and amend your future activities.

Don’t Copy Others

If you think you lack originality, then copying somebody else’s podcasts won’t help you at all. If this is your case, simply take some time and try to redesign your podcast strategy. Generating content for the sake of content is a very wrong approach to choose. Be patient, believe in yourself and you’ll get your big idea without any doubt.

Find a Niche

Before getting famous, you first need to focus your efforts to survive in a highly competitive sphere. The most efficient way to do that is to find your niche and establish your memorable presence there. The idea of targeting everyone may sound very tempting, but don’t let yourself get into this trap: general broad-scope podcasts are very difficult to sell, given the circumstances. Shape a clear-cut description of your nice and pass this message across to your target listeners.

Drawing a Conclusion

For any business or personal brand, podcasts are one of the most effective and efficient methods to connect with clients and expand its influence. It’s vital to keep in mind that no matter what your objectives with podcasting are, a detailed comprehensive plan is the key to seeing good results. Podcasts are portable, easily accessible and can fit into the tightest schedule, which is a main factor of their increasing popularity among people.