How to sign a document on iPhones or iPads or edit PDF

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You have received an email that includes a document that you have to sign, and you don’t have access to a computer or you are on the move. How will you sign it if there urgency? It’s quick and easy, and will take just a couple of minutes of your time. Let’s learn how to do this.


How to Sign a document on iPhones or iPads

  • Firs of all, you need to install a free Adobe Acrobat Reader app
  • Now go to your email, tap on PDF file to open it
  • Once opened, tap once anywhere on file to make other options visible. Now Tap on Up Arrow (used to share the file or open with another installed app)
  • Select Copy to Adobe Acrobat
  • Now the file is opened in Adobe app
  • Tap on the Pencil icon (Note icon) sign
  • Tap on the Fountain Pen sign
  • Tap on Create Signature
  • Now you will get a Blank Page where you can sign
  • After you are done signing, tap on Done
  • Now that signature will appear in the PDF file (may be in large shape)
  • Tap on Signature adjust the size dragging from corners
  • Tap and hold the signature, and drag it to the right place on the file. When you tap, you also get the color option, you can adjust color if you want
  • Once you are satisfied, tap on Done, and it will be saved automatically

Still Facing Issue signing PDF file on iOS device? Whtch this Demo Video

Editing PDF File on iPhones and iPads

The way we mentioned to sign a PDF Document, follow the same procedure. When you click on the Note icon (Pencil icon), you get many other options along with Fountain Pen for signature.

Edit PDF File on iPhones and iPads

  • The first option can be used to add a note anywhere in the file. Tap on the icon, and tap on anywhere on the document to add a note
  • Second Option helps you to highlight any text, word, line or paragraph. It changes the background color of the selected texts
  • Third option strikethrough all the selected words
  • Fourth option puts underline over selected texts/words
  • Fifth option allows to add texts or words anywhere on the document you want. You can change color and well as font size to make it look like original texts on the document
  • Sixth option allows you to draw anywhere on the document

So these are very basic editing. If you want full editing, you can convert PDF to Word and try if it allows to makes those changes you desire. Some PDF files cannot be edited even after converting them to Word file (ex : If an image/screenshot file has been converted to PDF). In such cases, you can try Online PDF Editing tools.