How to show file extensions in Windows 7 and Windows 8

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All files on a computer have a name that consists of two parts: the name you give to them, which usually describe the content and the file the extension, which is what defines what type of file it is, and which program can open it. For example: we have a holiday photo which we have named as beach, but it’s full name would be beach.jpeg or beach.png or beach.gif (depending on the image type). Windows hides these extensions by default. If a file doesn’t have extension, Windows usually refuses to recognize. in this case wee need to add the extension in the end of the file (ex: .jpg, .exe etc).We must tell Windows to show the file extension in order to change or add extension to a file.

Showing File Extension on Windows 7 and Windows Vista

windows 7_show_extensions


1) Launch Windows Explorer

2) Click organize, which is on the left, and then select folder and search options

3) Once we are in the Folder Options windows, select View atb

4) All we have to do now is to uncheck the box “Hide extensions for known file types” then press OK and now we will see extension of all the files

Showing File Extension on Windows 8


1) In case of Windows 8, we have to launch windows explorer as well

2) At the top on the explorer window select View tab

3) check the option “file name extensions“, you are done.