How to Send Secret Audio or Voice Messages as an Image?

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There are times when we want to send audio files or messages that can only be heard by a specific person. So how can you do that? Zipping the audio file with a password is a solution, but what if someone checks it and asks you to tell the password? It may create some trouble. Well, we have a better solution.

What do you think about encoding or encrypting your audio message to an image? Yes, we are going to tell you how you can encrypt your audio file as an image and send it to anyone. The receiver will receive it as an image (a .png) file. He can then decrypt it into an audio file and listen to it.

my secrret audio

How to achieve this?

  • Record an Audio Message and Download it. Use this WAV Sound Recorder.
  • Visit this Audio Encryption Tool Page and upload your audio file.
  • The second option that talks about uploading your own image is optional. This tool is capable to generate images itself.
  • Click on Convert to get the encrypted file as an image.
  • Click on the image to Download it.

That’s all you needed to do. The size of the image will be the same as your Audio file or a little larger.

How to Decrypt the Encrypted Audio?

The process is almost the same. You need to visit the same Audio to Image Converter page. Upload your PNG file to the last option and click on the Convert button. You will get the audio file that you can play right there without downloading it. Or you can download it to your device and save it.