How to restore Samsung Galaxy S5 to its Factory Settings

The new smartphone comes with the new feature, and when we talk about the the major brands, they don’t want to miss any chance to compete other brands. For ex: Samsung’s new flagship “Samsung Galaxy S5” has many new features, like Download Booster, Heart Beat Sensor, Finger Print Scanner, Water Resistant  etc. When we use a new mobile with lots of features, the chances of getting malfunctions increases if you temper the settings wrongly. If the user is wise enough, can handle easily. When you don’t understand any option, you should always refer to user manual. If your mobile is virus infected and antivirus fails to resolve, you have no option but format your mobile. Formatting the device is not the only solution in all cases, but when you don’t have other option, you should follow these steps to format your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Before you go ahead with the formatting/restoring the device to its factory setting, you need to make sure you take the backup of the data. if you don’t have important files, then it’s okay. You can also use this option if you are not happy with the device you bought and you want to sell it. So, here you are !

galaxy s5 restore to factory settings

* At first, you need to browse the notification menu swiping down from the top of the display, and browse the icon until you find the settings or gear icon, or just browse through the main menu.

*  Once you click on the gear icon (settings), you will get a new window with some options. Now, you need to click on Backup and Reset which will be available in User and Backup section.

* After clicking on the Backup and Reset, you get another windows with some more option where you need to click on Factory Data Reset, and you will be asked to confirm if you want to continue as all the data will be lost. You need to confirm it and it will take some time. Now, you have Samsung Galaxy S5 in the same condition you bought it from the store.

Note: The format/restore process will not remove all the data from the external memory, but the data or the app which are partially stored in the external memory and need the data of the internal memory of your phone to process a task, will not work anymore. So, act accordingly.


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