How to remotely & discreetly track smartphones

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If you are curious to know how your ex got hold of your bathroom selfies, or how your current partner knew what you had been browsing the other day, they likely have remote access to your phone. But if “You” are the Joe in their lives and want to know what they do when you are not around, here’s a complete guide on how to remotely and discreetly track Android and iOS devices.

It starts with a cell phone spyware program!

The way we knew malware has changed now. It’s no more restricted to shady clickbait on the internet. There are software programs available now that you could install on phones and get unrestricted access from anywhere. But this isn’t as creepy in theory as it sounds. Unlike internet malware that can accidentally get inside your computer or phone, spyware programs have to be physically installed on a phone by providing software the necessary permissions.

Tracking someone’s phone like your child’s is no biggie. Most U.S. states allow for phone monitoring of minors without their consent. For one, minors are not the device owners, so it makes sense if parents want to have a say or even control over how their kids spend time with their phones.

How to plant spyware on a phone?

Well, you’ll need to physically access a phone to get the work done. Usually, cell phone spyware programs require 5–15 minutes to set up, but some apps are ready to use in under 5 minutes. If you are short on time, we would recommend you to try an app with a quick setup and installation.                          

A spyware program is meant to give you remote access to the tapped device. So there you got the first part of the question answered. 

For the second part of the question “how to discreetly track smartphones,” the answer is in the app that you’ll be getting. For instance, parental control applications don’t work secretively, so don’t get one. Rather get a spyware program. While they do offer stealth mode, the apps clearly state not to use their services for “monitoring without consent.” So unless you want to end up with lawsuits, either make sure to take their consent first or be extremely good at not getting caught.

What to expect from spyware programs?

Spyware programs are usually highly intrusive to a person’s privacy, that’s why you need to make sure you aren’t stepping into deep mud by accessing something that you shouldn’t. For instance, monitoring someone’s texts and call logs is one thing, but going through their personal pictures and finding something highly inappropriate is another. Some cell phone spyware programs can do a lot more than just accessing phone logs and texts. You can record phone calls, take screenshots, or even record their phone’s surroundings. And this is on top of all the standard stuff like location tracking and geofencing, email, and social media monitoring.

But there’s a silver lining. It’s not as inappropriate as it may seem reading through it. Smartphone monitoring is legitimate stuff, especially around the workplace, where companies have provided their employees with smartphones. But even outside the realm of the corporate world, a trend is emerging where more parents are monitoring their kids’ phones. In fact, most U.S. states allow phone monitoring of children without their consent. So, it’s all about perspective and which side you want to be on.

How much do spyware programs cost?

Cell phone spying is a valuable service to its users and thus usually cost a significant fee. Some apps could cost as much as USD 350 and as less as USD 50 for a full year’s subscription. The price variation necessarily doesn’t imply a variation in the quality of services.

Another factor to look into is device compatibility. Before making your purchase, don’t forget to check if the phone you want to monitor is compatible with the service.