How to reduce cellular data usage on iOS and Android

Whether it’s Android or iOS, Smartphones seem to be useless without internet connection. However, cellular data doesn’t come easy. Users usually get limited cellular data, or they pay higher to get more. If you are under LTE coverage, data consumes faster. We already know how much data an HD video can consume, it’s a lot. When you are playing multiple videos, you go out of data so fast.

Well, we are not talking about YouTube or any specific video streaming application, but FaceBook and Twitter. These two apps are very popular, and users use them on daily basis, even multiple times every day. By Default, FaceBook and Twitter play all Feed videos automatically and it doesn’t matter whether you are on Cellular data or WiFi. We can makes changes to in this setting that we will learn.

First of all, check your data usage. It will allow you to understand which app is consuming more data on your smartphone. (If cellular data is off, it won’t show anything)

iOS Users can go to Settings –> Cellular, scroll down to check data usage of each individual app.

Android Users can go to Settings –> Mobile Networks –> Data usage (There are many android phones, and process may vary slightly depending on what device you have).

It you use FaceBook and Twitter a lot, the data usage by these 2 apps may surprise you. So it’s better to turn off auto video play from those apps when you are using Cellular data.

iOS Users

How to turn off FaceBook’s Auto Video-Play on iPhones or other iOS devices while using Cellular data

  • Launch FaceBook App on your iOS device
  • Tap on icon “more” (located at the bottom right corner, check screenshot)
  • Tap on Settings, then Account Settings
  • Now Tap on Videos and Photos
  • Tap AutoPlay
  • Select “On WiFi Connection Only”

Turning off autoplay on data iphone

Turning off autoplay on data iphone 1

How to Stop Twitter Playing Videos Automatically on Cellular Data (iOS only)

  • Launch Twitter App
  • Go to your Profile Page
  • Tap on Settings icon
  • Tap on Video AutoPlay
  • Select Use Wi-Fi Only

Turn off autoplay twitter on iOS

Android Users

How to turn off auto video-play on FaceBook App for Cellular data (Android Only)

  • Tap on the icon with 3 small horizontal line (located on the right of notification icon)
  • Tap on App Settings
  • Tap on AutoPlay
  • Select “On Wi-Fi Connection only”

Turning off auto play on data in FB for Android

How to turn off Twitter’s Video Auto-Play while on Cellular data (Android Only)

  • Tap on the Menu icon with 3 dots (located at the top right corner)
  • Tap on Settings, and then Data
  • Now tap on Video AutoPlay, and select Use Wi-Fi Only

Turn off auto play twitter on Android

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