How to recover your lost files using a file recovery software?

Did you know that your lost data / deleted files can be recovered easily? All that takes is some steps to follow using a trustworthy data recovery software. If you use a computer or mobile, there must have been a time when you deleted you data completely intentionally or unintentionally, and then you had no way to get those important files back. You don’t need to be tensed any more, you have the way to recover your files.

There could be various reasons that can make you to lose your data. It’s not just you who delete your files, but sometimes system bugs also make this to happen. I faced the same issue, and then started looking for something that can help me to get my data back, and I stumbled upon an app named “EaseUS Data Recovery Software.”

I am going to share how I got my precious files back after formatting my memory card unintentionally. It was easier than I thought. So here are the steps:

First of all you need to download the EaseUS Memory Card Data Recovery software. This app is free, so you don’t need to worry.

Once you have it on your computer, insert the memory card in your computer’s memory card slot.

Now launch the software and select the file type that you want to recover, like images, documents, audio, video etc. Now click on Next.

After clicking on Next, you will see the storage options, and now you need to select your external memory card, and click on scan.

Let the scan complete, and you will see your files. Now, start selecting the files, and click on recover.

You are done, and you have your precious files back in your memory card. Wasn’t it easy? Now you see that file recovery is not a rocket science. It’s not just your memory card, you can also recover lost files of your computer, and it does’t matter whether it is a Windows computer or a Mac.

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