How to Record iPhone or iPad’s Screen With Audio (or Mic Audio)

Earlier we published an article telling the way to record iPhone’s Screen with the help of a Mac. Today, we will tell you the step-by-step guide to record your iPhone or iPad’s screen wirelessly and without the help of a computer.

Why someone may need to record the screen of his/her iPhone or iPad?

There could be many reasons to do that. For example, I play games on my iPhone and I want to record the gameplay and publish on YouTube for other players to see how a level is cleared. You can record the gameplay with the sound or you can skip the in-game sound and attach a microphone to record the sound of your own along with gameplay.

How to Record Screen of an iOS Device (iPhone or iPad)

Step -1 : Add the Screen Recording Button to the Control Center of your iPhone or iPad

Have a look at the image below to understand what is a screen recording button. If the highlighted icon is already there. Please skip Step 1.

Screen Recoridng Button

If the Screen Recording Button is not there, please follow these steps to add this icon.

  • Go to Settings by simply tapping on the Settings of your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on Control Center Option
  • Now hit the Customize Controls option

step 1 adn 2

  • Scroll down and locate the Screen Recording option
  • Tap on the icon associated with the Screen Recording option

step 3 and 4

  • Now Screen Recording Option should appear under Include option and it should also show up when you access the Control Center.

Step 2: Start Recording Screen on iPhone or iPad

Recording Screen with in-app Sound (e.g. Playing a game will record sound from the game and no sound from Mic)

Access the Control Center on iPad or iPhone and Tap on the Screen Recording option, and it will star the countdown as 3..2..1, and the button color will change to Red. That means the screen recording has started. To stop the recording, just access the control center and press the recording button again. It saves the recording under Photos app automatically.

record screen

Recording Screen With Mic Sound (You can speak using a Handsfree or just use iPhone’s Microphone)

If you want to record the screen while speaking, it is also possible. This way you can record what’s being done on the screen with your own voice. This is the best way to record a tutorial video to tell people what you are doing on the screen. The video publishes at the end of this article is one such example.

Screen recording with mic

  • Just hold the Screen Recording button and you will get other options
  • Now tap on the Microphone option to turn it on
  • Finally, tap on the Start Recording option