How to prevent the Zeus virus affects your WhatsApp?

zeus trojan

The Trojan is a dangerous virus, can steal personal data such as passwords or banking information, in the same way, these days Zeus virus ( a form of Trojan)is also getting popular in the Internet world. The Trojan was created in 2007 and since then continues to seek new ways to infect as many users as possible. Email and Facebook are some of the spaces that can be used for this malicious ‘software’. Now it is the turn of WhatsApp. The virus is capable of stealing large personal information, from passwords to account numbers. In today’s article I’m going to share how to prevent this Trojan affecting your computer as well as ‘Smartphone’.

Zeus, a Trojan that steals personal information

Zeus is one of the most virulent Trojan networks. This malicious ‘software’ sneaks into phones and computers and steals personal information of its users like passwords plus bank details; there are numerous forms of personal information but these two the elements are mostly at risk.

The virus has infected millions of computers around the world during the last five years it has been operating. The emails are its primary method of expansion; although in the summer of 2013 it was managed sneaking into Facebook to infect many more Internet users. The more popular network of WhatsApp, now runs the same danger.

Receive a fake message on WhatsApp          

Zeus reaches WhatsApp users via message. Its victims receive a message that supposedly belongs to the IM network. Actually this is not in writing form on WhatsApp, but it is only a trap to deceive the public.

The fraud has been unveiled by the Research Laboratory of ESET Latin America, which recommends never open any unknown file on Whatsapp.

‘Missed voice message’, the name of the virus

How to know about it? WhatsApp users believe in the sender of the message and think it is reliable. In fact, the message file that is sent by a agent appears in the form of voicemail, ‘Missed voice message’. The individual thinks there has been a problem in his/her ‘app’ and starts downloading the document, uncovers and opens Pandora’s Box.

Awwwee! What’s this? It’s a file, the source of the Zeus virus. Therefore, users shouldn’t open this document. Your phone or computer (depends on from where you access) can be infected badly.

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