How to Open and Work on 2 Unity Projects At The Same Time on Mac

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If you have just started learning Unity or developing games in Unity, you may want to open 2 Unity Projects at the same time to improve the game/coding. For example, you have made or learned to make an Infinity Runner game, but now you want to make another one editing the same project. In this case, you can simply copy the whole folder, open unity apps and open that copied folder as a new project in Unity. At the same time, you can also keep the original project open to help you finish the game. But, how will you do this?

How to Open 2 Unity Apps or 2 Unity Projects at the same time on macOS?

The first instance:

Open the app normal from the Launcher app or the shortcut you have in the doc. Just click on the Unity icon and it will be opened. Open any project you want to work on. Keep this opened.

The second instance:

  • Open Terminal app
  • Type “open -na unity” without quotes as shown in the screenshot below. Then hit the Enter button

unity open

  • Now it will open the second Unity app. Feel free to open another project here.