How to know if someone entered your Gmail Account?

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If you suspect that someone has entered your Gmail account without your permission, there is an option that will let you know. Find out in the following mentioned note.

How to know if someone else uses your Gmail Account?

Do you think someone has entered your Gmail account? Do you change your password often, but observe always some changes? Maybe your boss (or even your partner) does always wait to read and review your correspondence, in search of incriminating evidence to justify its suspicions, or confidential data of your work. Well do not worry, now you can know for sure if someone else enters your email.

Register access to your Gmail account

Gmail has available option Revenue recognition that lets you know what day and time there is new activity, what you need to do is, simply open the mail. It also lets you know which device (tablet, smartphone, PC or other) is used to open you email; also still IP address will be there.

To enable it, scroll to the bottom of the screen and look at the lower right side a tiny link with the legend “details”. Click there to open the screen that will show all the details of your Gmail action, which also can analyze more information and to enable other functions, such as notices unusual activity etc.

gmail activity detail

What to do if someone else uses your Gmail account

If you notice that someone has entered your Gmail account, you can take the option to close all other sessions, to remove access from other devices. Then change your password, hindering the sums paid, and finally go to Filters, from settings to ensure that there is no forwarding your messages to other accounts, preventing anyone receives messages from your inbox.