How to Install and update Java on Windows 10

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Java software is a programming language used for multiple purposes and currently used by more than 3 billion devices all spread around the world. It’s often used for application development but the average user can use it for running programs and games. There are millions of programs and games that require you to have Java Installed on your computer, and even web browser needs it to load the web pages properly. You can download Java for Windows 10 as well as older versions of Windows. It is also available for macOS and Linux.

The Installation Process

First of all, let’s see how you can install Java so you can properly run your programs and games properly!

  • Here you can have the java download for windows 10 as well as older versions of the Windows, or you can also use its official website to get the Java Installer file.
  • It will download a small file (known as Java Installer) and you need to run the file just like you run any other application.
  • Now you just need to follow the screen’s prompt and complete the installation process, that’s all about pressing Next button in most of the steps. The downloading may take little time depending on your internet speed.
  • Once you have installed Java we recommend you to restart the computer, in order to make sure everything gets installed and saved correctly.

Fixing Installation Issue: How to Fix Java Not Recognized Issue with Windows 10?

Watch this video if you are having an issue while installing Java on Windows 10 Computer.

Note: If you are a Native Speaker, I would recommend watching the video in 1.5x speed or 1.25x.

The Update Process

Keeping the Java version up-to-date is always recommended by pros. It usually improves system stability, functionality and also helps you stay more secure.

How to check for a Java update?

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  1. Right click on the Windows 10 Start button, click the Run option and type “control panel” without quotes, and press the Enter button to launch the Control Panel. Or you can also open the Control Panel Manually if you want.
  2. There will be a list of programs and you need to click on “Java“.
  3. Once the Java Configuration Window is open select the Update tab, and click onthe  Update Now option.
  4. If Java is already up-to-date, you will get the notification that it’s already up-to-date, else it will give you instruction to update. So follow the screen’s prompt and update Java.

How to check what version of Java you have installed on your Windows Computer?

  • Launch the Command tool. You can either search typing Command or cmd after clicking or Start button. Or just launch Run by press the Windows + R key and then type cmd in the search field, and hit the Enter Key.
  • Now type “java -version” without the quotes and hit the Enter button. It should show the Java Version your Windows computer is running.