How to Install 2 WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

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There are people who want to use 2 Whatsapp Messenger application on a single phone. There could be many reasons to do that that we aren’t going to ask or explain. So let’s just learn how 2 WhatsApp apps work on a single device.

How to use 2 WhatsApp Applications on Android and iOS?

WhatsApp Messenger

Install the first WhatsApp

Go to the Google PlayStore or App Store if you are an iOS user. Install the normal WhatsApp Messenger application. If you already have one installed, just ignore this method.

Installing the second WhatsApp

Most of you must have thought, it’s going to be a tricky part and a long procedure, but it does. Just go the AppStore or PlayStore depending on what device you have and then Install the WhatsApp Business application.

Now you have 2 WhatsApp application and both can have a different account using the different mobile numbers.

WhatsApp Busines

Is there any Special Requirement for WhatsApp Business?

In general, WhatsApp Business is made for the shops/companies that want to communicate with customers with a separate business messenger. So anyone sends you a message the first time you will be able to see that the message receiver is using a business account. However, this app doesn’t verify any business. You can type any name of the business or even your own name and make an account.